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Sample Contract for Child Care

Below is a sample contract that is available for my clients.  Review at your leisure.
Contracts are reviewed once a year, usually in September.  

Parent/Provider Child Care Contract 


Parent/Guardian names:


Name(s) of child or children to be cared for:


Provider's Name and Address:




The Parent(s) Agrees: 

1:    To pay the Provider the rate of $_____ per _____ (day, week, etc.) for child care services.   A school day rate of $______ per day per child applies when child is in school.  Full day rates will apply for non-school days such as summer, march break, and P.D. days.  This reservation shall stay in effect until the contract is renegotiated at the renewal date (one year, or every September).

   Parents agree to pay the provider in advance, on a regular schedule as agreed upon by both parties.  For example, payment may be made in advance on each Friday to reserve the following week of care.  


Provider agrees to make receipts available to parents after each calendar year, or an alternate schedule at parent’s request.  As childcare receipts include provider’s Social Insurance Number, parent agrees to keep this confidential.  This number is not to be used for any purposes other than income tax purposes.


3.    To pay the provider the above agreed upon rate per day, per child for holidays and days when the child is absent due to illness or vacation.  Holidays:  New Year’s Day, Family Day, Good Friday, Canada Day, Civic Holiday, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. 

4.    To pay a rate of $5 per half hour when the child is picked up late, unless provider has waived late fees. Initial here if waived. _____ x

Parent will make a reasonable effort to contact provider when late.  

If lateness results in provider incurring extra charges (missed appointment, workshop, etc.), the parent will reimburse these charges in lieu of late fee.

5.    To provide the following supplies for their child:  spare change of clothes, appropriate outdoor seasonal clothing such as mittens for winter, and sun hats in summer. 

6.    To arrange backup child care in the event of an emergency or illness of the provider.  The provider will produce contact information from her network of backup caregivers. 


The Provider Agrees: 

1.    To provide child care services for the above named child/children for the hours and days stated below except in the case of illness or emergency. Advance notice will be given for provider's vacation.

2.    To provide a safe and nurturing environment for the children, with generous outdoor time daily.

3.    To provide appropriate activities and toys for the children. 

4.    To communicate with the parent about the needs and achievements of the child.

5.    To continue operating within the guidelines of the Days Nursery Act.

6. To always strive to meet or exceed my clients expectations of care.    


Both Parent and Provider Agree: 

1.    That the hours and days of child care shall be as follows:

Days per week:___________________________________________

Hours per day: ___________________________________________   
(for example: Mon - Fri, 7:00am to 6:00pm)


2.    That child care will not be provided if either the child or the Provider shall be considered to be too ill to receive or provide care. 

3.    That the Provider will give at least two weeks notice of any planned vacations or temporary closings of the child care.

6.    That a minimum of two weeks notice is given by either the parent or provider to terminate this contract. 

7.    That parents may visit or call at any time during normal child care hours to discuss or check on their child/children. 

Parent Signature _______________________________


Parent Signature _______________________________




Provider Signature _______________________________ 






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