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                References from past and current clients...

                   Here are what others say about me and the care I have given their children.

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Why we love Jennie - Part 1:  An email in many parts...

1. She always greets Ivor at the door in the morning like he is an individual, 

and with an enthusiastic smile and a hug.  

Although she is a busy mom getting kids ready for school and although 

she must have her good days and bad days, just like the rest of us, 

she never projects that to the kids under her care.  

Jennie, your enthusiasm astounds us!

(from Erika and Bryan)

From Tracy

Jennifer Sweitzer has been one of the best childcare providers we have had.

She takes much pride in her skills and clearly demonstrates her hard work and achievements everyday with the children.

My boys looked forward to going to Jenn's everyday.  She shows how compassionate, fun, loving, and patient she is with all the kids.  My boys felt Jenn was always attentive when needed and knew what the expectations were on a daily basis.

Jenn has always taken the time to be caring both during caregiver hours and has gone above and beyond outside of caregiver hours.

I would recommend Jenn to anyone who needs a provider in the area.

Why We Love Jennie - Part 2.  

She takes the kids on outdoor adventures and exposes them to the natural world.  

She has a lot of respect for nature and instills this in the children.  

Even on days when most people would stay indoors because of the effort of 

getting the kids all outfitted for the outdoors, Jennie is organized and 

motivated enough to make it happen.


Again, your enthusiasm astounds us!

(Erika and Bryan)

From Pedro & Candice

Our son has been going to Jenn's house for full-time care since August 2007.   We had just moved into the area and our son was starting his first year at school.  We were very busy with the move and extremely nervous for our son's first day day at school and on top of that we had to find a new child care provider.  I had contacted Jenn around June 2007, I had previously interviewed a few candidates but no one we were interested in.  After my first conversation with Jenn I was very happy and knew right away that I wanted our son to start with her in August.  Before our son started full-time with Jenn she requested that he meet up with them for a few play dates at the park so he could get to know Jenn and the other children.  I really liked that and it made our son very comfortable, on his first day he was so excited.

Our son has really enjoyed his time at Jenn's.  Each day is a busy day filled with activities, games and adventures.  Jenn is great with the kids and helping to educate them while having a good time!  I love hearing our son's stories of walks to the pond and all the creatures they saw and daily trips to the park, he definitely gets lots of time being active with Jenn.  Our son brings home really neat crafts and pictures, which are sometimes hung on Jenn's walls as she shows she is proud of every one of the children in her care.  I am very pleased with Jenn's meals as she accommodates foods that are children's favourites and good for them.  If I ever have any concerns I am able to go go Jenn and discuss them and she is always there with a helpful answer.  Jenn is very thoughtful and will send e-mails attached with pictures so during work I can see what a good time he is having, I love that.

Sadly, our son must end his time at Jenn's daycare for now.  We are expecting a little sister for our son and he will be staying home with me for the next year.  I am hoping that when it is time to go back to work Jenn will have the space for both Jacob and his sister.  We have really enjoyed having Jenn care for our son, more importantly our son has loved his time there with her.  I am able to put full trust in Jenn with my #1 priority in life................ our son!

Why We Love Jennie - Part 3.  

She has a great respect for her parents' needs for life balance.  

She provides services and perks that your average daycare provider would not give.  

It is very clear that she wants to provide a little flexibility, 

but I just want her to know that we understand it doesn't come without some 

personal sacrifice.  She is one of the few that want to do good things for all people 

at all times, and we understand that puts her in a vulnerable position if 

others take advantage or don't appreciate what it means for her.  

Jennie, we know that what you do for us is extraordinary!  

You have come through for us time and time again.  Thank you!

(Erika and Bryan)

From two little boys

"Thanks for being an awesome babysitter!"


(Tammys Boys)

Why We Love Jennie - Part 4. 

She sends the cutest little photo updates of the kids so we can see 

what our little ones are up to.  

There is nothing better in the middle of a day at work than getting a photo of 

Ivor playing with his friends.  It serves as yet another reassurance that 

Ivor is in great hands.  Everyone at work thinks Jennie is amazing - 

if someone is passing by my desk when I get a photo update, 

I ask them if they want to know what Ivor is up to today and they always say 

YES and gush about how cool it is that she thinks to take and send a photo.  

It also shows that Jennie understands what it is like to be thinking about 

our little guy while we are away from him all day.  

Not to mention that Jennie has a special talent of capturing kids on camera, to boot!  

Thank you Jennie!

(Erika and Bryan)

From Sherryl & Stefan

Thank you for everything you do to make our son's day safe, healthy and most of all, fun!

From Lyne


You are such a wonderful person, you opened your home and your heart to Amy.  You have been a really important part of her life and I believe that you really contributed in making her what she has become today.

You always go the extra mile and you always give everything you have.  I feel like not only do you care for Amy, but you also care about her.

I want you to know that you have made a big difference in my life and in Amy's life.

And for that, we will both always be thankful!

Thanks a million,

Lyne & Amy

From Livia

Jennifer babysat my daughter, and she is an exceptional provider.  She spends all her time with the children and teaches them anything and everything that is positive in a growing child's life.  My daughter has grown mentally and socially in such an extraordinary way since she has been with Jennifer.  The only reason I have to move my daughter to another provider is due to my daughter and I moving.

From Theresa

I find Jennifer to be the most reliable, personable caregiver I could ever wish for.  It gives me great peace of mind to know my girls are in Jennifer's care.  She not only watches for their safety but she fill their days with crafts, games, puzzles and fun.  Each day there is something scheduled to keep the kids not only amused but content and interested.  The girls come home with a feeling of accomplishment everyday.  With her extensive background in childcare, Jennifer has control over situations concerning disputes with the kids, that is both appealing to the kids and teaches them how to resolve conflict for future use.  She is fair and consistent without demeaning or blaming the little people.

I think the most important thing is that the girls actually like going.  That puts my mind at rest knowing the girls like to go and are taken care of in a way that pleases us all.  The care given by Jennifer is not based on watching TV, but interacting with others.

I highly recommend Jennifer.  She is the best caregiver I have had.

From Dale & Nick

Jennifer is a well rounded caregiver with confidences in a variety of areas.  We trust her with our little one completely.  She provides games, activities and outings each day to not only occupy their time but to fill their day productively. I am impressed with her concern for the children in her care.  She provides healthy snacks and a schedule to fit children who attend school.  Jennifer is always ready when the children arrive in the morning and has their early days started off with a pleasant smile and greeting.  It's a wonderful feeling to send the kids there knowing they are being taken care of in an  environment that is geared for their enjoyment.  We approve whole heartedly with her reactions to disputes amongst the kids.  She is fair and explains to each one of them the reasoning behind the actions taken.  They are never scolded or demeaned but educated on the proper way of dealing with disputes.  These are discussed with the parents so each is aware, so there can be re-enforcement at home and at the caregivers, so everyone is on the right track.

 Jennifer's background with childcare and endless patience with children make it easy to leave the kids with her and carry on for the day ensured they are getting the best care possible.



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