Jennie's Home Childcare

Home Child care in Forest Heights,
 Kitchener, Ontario

Policies and Guidelines for Jennie's Home Child Care
Forest Heights, Kitchener


Please bring a spare set of clothes for your child - you never know when there might be a need for extra clothes.  Socks, shirt, pants, the works.  

If possible, please bring these in a canvas bag that can stay here (or you can bring them daily).  

We try to stay away from using plastic bags for safety reasons.  



Fall/Spring - rubber boots and rain coats are nice to have handy.

Winter - a spare set of mitts and socks would be great.  

We do lots of outdoor play, and mitts are known to get soggy after making a few snowmen.  

I do hang the mittens up to dry, but they are not always dry before it's time to go out again. 


Summer: Sun hats. Sunblock. If your child is sensitive to the sunblock I use, please bring your own and have it labelled in permanent marker with your child's name on it.  


Diapering Needs:  

Parents are to BYOD - Bring Your Own Diapers, wipes, and bum cream (I recommend Sudocreme, it's great).  

Please label your wipes and bum cream tubs with your child's name with a Sharpie marker. 

I am happy to do infant or toddler potty training at parent's request, and will keep you posted on your child's progress.  

I'm also fine with your choice of cloth or disposable diapers.  

Parents are welcome to write child's initials on diapers, if they are bringing the same brand as others. 


Special Diets:

If your child needs food that I don't usually have on stock, (such as rice flour for gluten free baking) you may provide such foods.  Please label your tupperware.


Show & Tell:

NO heirloom items, please!  

Your child may bring toys or things he/she would like to share.  

Please label with marker (on the tag, or with a sticker) your child's initials.  

We have had duplicate toys before where the children debated over the rightful owner of two identical toys.  Funny to us maybe, but the children take this very seriously...



I only post photos to our childcare blog or this website with parent's permission.  If you don't feel comfortable with your child's photo being taken during our field trips, I will respect your preferences.  

If your child is in a photo with another child, both families will be emailed that photo for personal use (family scrap book), but families are asked not to share online photos showing other daycare children.   




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