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I like to find out what each child's favourite foods are, and try to include those foods in our menu.  The children like to help plan our menu. 

Recently, the children have enjoyed theme days, like eggs on Thursdays.  

Here is an example of some of the menu themes we like:


Monday - chicken
-can be fajitas, nuggets, kabobs, etc.

Tuesday - Pasta with protein
-vegetable fuscili, spagetti, etc.

Wednesday -Sandwiches
-my famous campfire grilled cheese, turkey, tuna, tacos, or our home made mini pizzas

Thursdays - Excellent Eggs
french toast, omelets, poached eggs, deviled eggs, westerns (my favourite) or egg salad sandwiches.

Fridays - beef
-pot roast, sloppy jos, stir fry, beef hot dogs, grilled sliders

We also sometimes do a "try something new" day.  This is fun when we pair it up by reading one of our favourite books, Green Eggs and Ham.  Jennie will make something new for the children to try, and see how the kids like it.  Then we decide if it will make the menu or not for future lunches.  Like our Puffy Popovers:  I thought for sure it would be a hit, and was surprised to find they liked the look of it but not the taste.  So I will work on improving that recipe before trying it again.



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